Important spring achievements of OPU lawyers

The excellent work of OPU lawyers bears fruit almost every day. Recently, after 17 years of a tough fight with the state, they managed to obtain subsidiary protection for a mother from Azerbaijan with 3 children, 2 daughters were born in the Czech Republic and lived here all their lives.

They also managed to get a court ruling that rejected as illegal the practice of the Ministry of Interior in refusing to accept applications for temporary protection from Ukrainian refugees if the applicant was registered in another EU country.

Furthermore, an important judgment was published in the Collection of (important) Decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court No. 4/2023, which confirms that OPU (and NGOs) have the right to represent foreigners and refugees before the courts in an action against the Ministry’s inaction. Inaction is precisely the common practice of states that use various tactics to discourage refugees and refuse to accept them. Congratulations!