Trafficking in human beings: The National Summary Report highlights the specific needs of trafficked holders of international protection and the Handbook provides valuable information on how to identify and secure trafficked holders of international protection.

Project TRIPS presents the National Summary Report, which summarizes main findings about the integration of trafficked international beneficiaries in Czech Republic and national Toolbox, which  provides valuable information on how to identify trafficked international protection beneficiaries and how to secure…

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Do you have debts for riding without a ticket, debts on rent in a municipal flat, debts owed to certain energy suppliers and waste removal bills, debts owed to certain health insurance companies, debts on regulatory fees in certain hospitals,…

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The European outputs of the TRIPS project

Within the TRIPS project, the EUROPEAN TOOLBOX was created. It is a practical tool designed especially for practitioners who work with international protection holders, but will be useful for practitioners working with asylum seekers as well. The toolbox focuses on…

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Who are we?

Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) has been helping refugees and foreigners in the Czech Republic since 1991.

OPU is non-profit and non-state organization and its main activities include providing free legal and social counselling to applicants for international protection and to other foreigners in the Czech Republic, organizing training programmes for both professionals and the general public, and other activities aimed at promoting integration of foreigners.

One of the OPU’s goals is to fight against xenophobia and racial and ethnic intolerance.