Press Release: OPU´s success related to stateless persons

Our lawyers have been engaged for a long time with fighting against Ministry´s inaction to deal with the situation of stateless persons. The Supreme Administrative Court (in its decision no. 4 Azs 365/2018 from 12 March 2019) stated that foreigners…

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Invitation to the seminar on family care for UAMs

OPU would like to invite you to the seminar on unaccompanied foreign children in the Czech Republic and the possibilites of family care for these children. The seminar will take place in Prague, at Evropský dům on 11 July 2019.…

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Who are we?

Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) has been helping refugees and foreigners in the Czech Republic for 25 years.

OPU is non-profit and non-state organization and its main activities include providing free legal and social counselling to applicants for international protection and to other foreigners in the Czech Republic, organizing training programmes for both professionals and the general public, and other activities aimed at promoting integration of foreigners.

One of the OPU’s goals is to fight against xenophobia and racial and ethnic intolerance.