Appeal to the Government of the Czech Republic to condemn criminalization of humanitarian aid to refugees on sea

The Organisation for Aid to Refugees (OAR) considers it necessary to show support to the courageous act of German captain Carole Rackete. In reaction to her decision to save more than fourty people on – board of Sea – Watch…

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OPU published guide of procedures for foster care of unaccompanied minors

OPU published a guide for experts and foster families explaining the procedures of placing an unaccompanied foreign child (UAM) into foster care in the Czech Republic. The guide clearly shows that the foster care is the best option for the…

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OPU in the UN panel on the Africa Day

OPU Director Martin Rozumek participated in the panel discussion organized by the UN Office in Prague. The discussion marked the Africa Day, which was based this year on the African Union theme for 2019: “Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons:…

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Who are we?

Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) has been helping refugees and foreigners in the Czech Republic for 25 years.

OPU is non-profit and non-state organization and its main activities include providing free legal and social counselling to applicants for international protection and to other foreigners in the Czech Republic, organizing training programmes for both professionals and the general public, and other activities aimed at promoting integration of foreigners.

One of the OPU’s goals is to fight against xenophobia and racial and ethnic intolerance.