Organization for Aid to

About us

The Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) is a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization, helping refugees and migrants in the Czech Republic since 1991. OPU provides free legal and social counselling, education programs for public and other activities to support migrants’ integration.

Our mission

OPU was founded with the goal to help migrants who were uprooted, or who became refugees because of political, ethnic, religious, social, racial, sexual orientation and/or gender reasons, and applied for international protection in the Czech Republic. OPU supports such people in many ways and treats them with respect and dignity. OPU removes obstacles in their path to lead a fulfilled life.

Because to help and support those in need is human.


We believe that helping migrants/refugees to find their new roots in a new environment will enrich the whole society. We believe that in the global world, diversity and collaboration have a higher chance to succeed. We believe that positive examples can dismantle prejudice and hatred. We are convinced that this fosters the growth of an open society with opportunities for all.


We listen and understand stories of those who are coming to us for help. We provide support and help to create a safe environment. We don’t judge. 


We are passionate and motivated for our cause. We strive to inspire a mood change in society, and spread thoughts of help to those truly in need.


We specifically focus on the topic of refugees, and we are a leader in our field. We continuously educate ourselves and we involve legal and social services experts. We help to truthfully inform the public about our topic. 


We don’t avoid challenges. We face them with decisiveness and courage, and we dismantle prejudice. We are a team consisting of professionals, and we are in several Czech cities.

Who are our services for?

We focus on migrants, especially refugees from outside of the EU. We help migrants
who find themselves in the Czech Republic, no matter their age or status. 


Director: Martin Rozumek
Deputy-Director: Lída Bobysudová

Board members:

Carol Sanford, Nancy Bingham Meech, Helena Pěchoučková, Blanka Tollarová, Džana Popović, Eva Holá