“Do you have time and do you want to help? We’ll find an activity tailored to you!”
“You can help individuals and groups!”
“Become a mentor, help through your profession, or just come and play.”

Who is a volunteer?

Anyone who wants to give of their free time, energy, or skills to a good cause without pay can volunteer. OPU has a lot of experience with volunteering. OPU itself was founded by the enthusiasm of a group of volunteers.

Volunteers are continuously cared for, informed about the topic and educated. We organize educational workshops and joint networking meetings.

OPU have a large base of volunteers. Approximately over 300 volunteers who donate over 5.5k hours of their free time to help refugees from Ukraine, individually mentored selected clients, an otherwise took part in OPU activities.

We are looking preferably for long-term cooperation.

I want to sign up

Volunteering in the OPU has several possibilities. Just fill in the form. After filling out the form, you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator. And after a short training you can start helping.

Choose from our volunteer programs.


Mentoring is a regular 6 to 12 months of individual support to promote integration (e.g. practicing Czech, getting to know the place of residence, customs, history, culture and psychosocial support).

Target group: newly arrived children in the Czech Republic, unaccompanied minors, adults, adults with the option of online mentoring

One-off events for clients

Events for clients of a leisure nature organised directly by the OPU. The events are of the sports, art, cultural, outing or picnic type. Volunteers are welcome with their own initiative for an activity!

Involvement of volunteers in OPU branches

  • supporting indirect work with the client: searching for job offers and accommodation, information from countries of origin;
  • direct one-time work with the client: one-time accompaniment of the client to the doctor, to a job interview, etc.
  • cooperation with OPU staff on activities aimed at combating xenophobia and racism (e.g. preparation of articles and materials for campaigns, distribution of leaflets
    informing about the services of the OPU, video/photo documentation, conducting debates, participation in the preparation of and participation in conferences)
  • assistance at the OPU information booth during participation at festivals (e.g. Refufest, MINT Market, Barevná 9, etc.)

Become a volunteer