ARES project (aid-return-efficiency-support)


Project period: 1. 11. 2017– 30. 9. 2018

About the project:

The project ARES (aid-return-efficiency-support) provides free and qualified legal assistance and information in the return process for third-country nationals that are not (or no longer) complying with conditions required for entering or staying on the Czech territory and at the same time for applicants of international protection who are in facilities for detention of foreigners. The project raises awareness about the possibility to return voluntarily and ensures better efficiency of returns in general, which helps to an effective control of migration flow and to execute, strengthen and develop common asylum policy and common migration policy while fully respecting rights and principles of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. It is ensured through legal counselling (related to entry ban, duty to leave the territory, detention, international protection procedure when detained), translation support, web page about returns and return booklets which are provided by professionals in a given field regularly in detention facilities (in Bělá Jezová, Balková and Vyšní Lhoty), but also in OPU offices in Prague, Brno and Pilsen.


  • general counselling in relation to a forced return
  • counselling during the return process
  • legal counselling in relation to the decision on administrative expulsion, decision on the obligation to leave the country, decision on administrative detention
  • legal counselling for asylum seekers in facilities for detention of foreigners
  • communication and dealing with competent authorities
  • preparation of lawsuits, appeals and other legal actions
  • consultations and possible solutions of related problems
  • in case of need we can secure the help of a psychologist or interpreter


  • third country nationals, who do not meet the conditions for entry or stay in the country (anymore), who were issued a decision on the obligation to leave the country, on administrative expulsion or on resettlement
  • foreigners in the facilities for detention of foreigners in Bělá-Jezová, Drahonice and Vyšní Lhoty
  • also to specifically vulnerable groups of foreigners – victims of torture, SGBV or human trafficking, single-parent mothers with children, unaccompanied children and severely ill persons


  • After previous arrangement:
    • Office of OPU Praha
    • Office of OPU Brno
    • Office of OPU Plzeň
  • Facility for Detention of Foreigners Bělá-Jezová – every Tuesday
  • Facility for Detention of Foreigners Bálková– every Monday and Wednesday
  • Facility for Detention of Foreigners Vyšní Lhoty – every  Wednesday

 All services including interpretation are provided free of charge