Already 16340 refugees found new homes based on the EU relocation scheme. In the Czech Republic 12.

The European Commission published its 11th progress report on the EU relocation and resettlement schemes. 16,340 relocations have now been carried out in total (5,001 from Italy and 11,339 from Greece). However, the current pace of relocation is still well below the targets set to ensure that all eligible people are relocated over the coming months. At the same time, 15,492 persons have been resettled as of 10 April, constituting more than two thirds of the agreed 22,504 resettlements under the EU resettlement scheme. The Czech Republic relocated only 12 persons from Greece and resettled 52 refugees under the scheme. The Czech Interior Minister, Milan Chovanec (Social Democrats Party), proudly announced  that no other relocations of refugees to the Czech Republic will take place because refugees are not awaiting on one place the results of the very lenghthy security screening (sometimes longer than 2 months). OPU Director, Martin Rozumek, commented the report: “It is again a shameful result for Czech politicians trying to always blame refugees for their lack of cooperation and solidarity. It is interesting, that much smaller countries like Latvia or Lithuania were able to relocate 270 respectively 237 refugees mainly from Greece (Portugal 1228 refugees) and the refugees somehow do not cooperate in the Czech case”. Attached is the 11th Comminnission´s report and the table with numbers of relocated persons.