OPU Hradec Králové

Gočárova 1620

500 02 Hradec Králové

2.floor, door no. 303

Emergency hotline for refugees from Ukraine: +420 228 229 942

phone: +420 733 121 186


OPU opened the office in Hradec Králové in June 2017.  We are focused on help to foreigners from the thirs countries living in the region of Hradec Králové and Pardubice. The office provides legal and social assistance. We also provide counselling for the asylum seekers and job coaching. At the office, there is a social worker and a job coach providing help during the opening hours.

Opening hours: Mo-Fri 9-17, Thu and Fri by appointment only!

All services are provided free of charge.



phone: +420 733 121 186

Mgr. Yvona Hofmanová (Head of the Hradec Králové branch) – yvona.hofmanova(z)opu.cz

Social department:  

Mgr. Yvona Hofmanová – yvona.hofmanova(z)opu.cz

Bc. Libuše Lopourová – libuse.lopourova(z)opu.cz

Czech language courses:

Bc. Barbora Hostinská – barbora.hostinska(z)opu.cz