Become a member of OPU

OPU is an association, which is based on the membership principle. Our mission to help refugees and foreigners in the Czech Republic. We have gradually created a membership base throught that we want more involvement of the public. Our goal is also to give more effective voice of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, we accept members with an advisory vote, especially among our clients and we offer these benefits:

  • regular expert information and news for foreigners in the Czech and Russian languages ​​in the form of a quarterly newsletter
  • campaigning for rights of foreigners – eg. to abolish of commercial health insurance, to reduce delays in administrative procedures and discrimination of foreigners by the Czech authorities and companies
  • free legal and social assistance (under the rules of the service access), including cooperation with lawyers and real estate agency
  • the possibility to participate in the campaigns as a volunteer
  • access to specific services – eg. a suburban camps, language courses
  • the right to attend the general meeting with advisory vote

The membership fee for 2016 was set at EUR 500, – CZK per year. Please send us an e-mail and telephone contact that we can stay in touch with you and provide you  all detailed information. You can also contact OPU workers in an offices in Prague, Brno and Plzen.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Martin Rozumek, Director of OPU