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The right to family life is one of the inalienable human right of every human being – including you as a foreigner living in the Czech Republic. As a foreigner, you may face various obstacles in your private and family life, such as separation from your family that remained in your country of origin, complicated process of family reunion, impossibility to visit your family in your country of origin because of the risk of loosing residence permit etc.

Or for instance, you already have family in the Czech Republic, but your situation is complicated because you rights are limited because you are a foreigner, you may face everyday discrimination, it is not easy to combine professional and family obligations, you may have problems with placing your children in a kindergarten or find a adequate housing (due to unwillingness of landlords to rent a flat to foreign nationals), etc.

Combining family life and employment is difficult for many people, especially for women. You of course make efforts, as well as the Czech people do, to harmonize your family life and employment, which is a crucial factor of your residence in the Czech Republic, or at best also to grow professionally and to have enough time for your children at the same time. However, you may face much larger obstacles than the Czech people. We would like to help you with these aspects of family life. If you need help with family reunification, if your landlord expelled you from your apartment even though he/she didn’t have right to do so, if a kindergarten does not want to enrol your children, if your child is discriminated at school because of his/her origin or if you have any other problem, please contact our lawyer, who provides legal counselling to women migrants. We will help you solve your problem and provide relevant legal protection.


Family Life

Do you have problems in the field of family law, are you dealing with family reunion or do you have any other problems regarding your family? Feel free to contact us!
Legal counselling is provided every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: It is necessary to arrange your consultation with the lawyer in advance!!!
You can contact us by telephone: (+420) 730 158 779, (+420) 730 158 779, (+420) 730 158 781 or by e-mail: pravni(z) .

Please bear in mind that in order to provide effective legal counselling, it is not possible to solve your problems and provide professional legal aid over the telephone. Above all, the telephone shall serve to making appointments for legal counselling. Apart from that, we will be happy to answer your basic questions via telephone, but only in the hours of legal counselling, i. e. on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or we will answer you by e-mail. Received e-mail questions will be answered according to our current capacity; we will be not always able to answer your questions within few days. We will answer you within 15 days. It is not possible to apply for legal aid by e-mail. For the purpose of specific legal solution of your issues including agreement on application, please make an appointment. We would also like to note that we do not provide any information about proceedings of a particular persons to third persons.

It is a priority to establish mutual trust between you, our clients, and us and the project itself. Therefore, we would like to assure you that the content of the counselling and information communicated by the client during the counselling are and will be absolutely confidential.