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Norské fondy FIN


Has the following happened to you or anyone from your neighborhood?

  • you have been forced to do work you did not want to do,
  • you have worked in undignified conditions,
  • your papers have been removed from you
  • you have not been getting paid,
  • your movement has been monitored,
  • you have been getting hurt,
  • you have been deceived,
  • you have been threatened,
  • your employer has fired you unlawfully,
  • you need assistance in communicating with authorities
  • conditions mentioned above forced you into living in the Czech Republic illegally.

If you answered yes at least three times, you or someone close to you have probably became a victim of human trafficking or you are at risk from human trafficking and exploitation. In that case, you can use social services of organization La Strada Czech Republic which has been dealing with the issue of human trafficking in the Czech Republic for many years.

More information and contact to the organization can be found here.


Virtually everyone is at risk from hate crime. Even though members of minorities are more often exposed to this crime, we cannot forget that even members of ethnic, religious, sexual, linguistic, cultural or any other majority in the territory are not protected from hate crime.

No one may be attacked for who they are. Different skin color, religion and language as well as health, dress style or political view do not entitle anyone to attack these people in any way. Hate violence is an irrational manifestation of intolerance. Just as irrational is victim blaming.

Have you or has anyone in your neighborhood been attacked because of:

  • skin color
  • nationality or ethnicity
  • religion
  • sexual orientation or identity
  • membership in a social group?

Did the attack have a form of

  • a verbal attack, insults
  • damage to property
  • intimidation, threats or blackmail
  • sexual assault
  • arson
  • physical assault
  • killing?

Do not be afraid and do not be alone with your experience! Turn to JUSTYNA, free legal counseling for hate crime victims which is operated by organization In Iustitia.

People there will gladly help you to

  • find your feet in your situation after the attack
  • file a criminal complaint
  • deal with the police
  • ensure an agent for criminal proceedings
  • make a claim for damages
  • search for other (non-legal) ways to cope with the attack

More information and contact to JUSTYNA can be found here.