About the project

Implementation period: 1. 5. 2015 – 30. 4. 2016
Project coordinator: JUDr. Martin Rozumek

The project has been supported by Open Society Fund Praha within the Dejme (že)nám šanci programme financed from the Norway Grants.

Norské fondy FIN

The Equal opportunities for women migrants project addresses equality of women migrants in the Czech Republic who are cummulatively discriminated.
The aim of the project is to achieve equality of women migrants at the Czech labour market, in their family life, in their approach to healthcare, i. e. promote non-discriminating policy of the state towards women migrants. We would like to achieve system changes of legislation and of de facto status of women migrants at the labour market, in the field of health insurance and family life including family reunification as well as general changes of the migration policy as such. We would like to achieve positive change of public and local policies and promotion of the gender point of view in the future public policies concerning migration and family. Our project is a follow-up of the many years of experience of the Organization of Aid to Refugees (Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům – OPU) in the field of legal and social aid to disadvantaged foreigners and refugees, especially to women and children. When using the Norwegian experience and know-how, we will cooperate with the well-renowned law firm Andersen, Bache-Wiig AS specializing in issues of migrants and refugees.
The project seeks to enhance equal opportunities for women migrants in the Czech Republic through such activities as:

  • Analysis of policies and practices regarding equality of women migrants, focusing on employment, healthcare and family life including family reunification
  • Legal counselling
  • Campaigns for enhancement of equality of women migrants
  • Support of women migrants

We would like to achieve changes through campaigns focused on different areas of unequal position of women migrants (employment, family, healthcare) and also legal aid/lobbying, media promotion and assistance for the benefit of equality of women migrants. We opt for the bottom-up approach: supporting the target group by assistance and including women migrants as well as volunteers to the project activities, and for the top-down approach as well: cooperation with media, politicians, administration and local authorities. Volunteers play a major role in working with the target group as well as in communication the topic of gender equality of women migrants to the public. Our Norwegian partner will be an important source of inspiration for changes in public policies concerning women migrants in the Czech Republic.