OPU Plzeň

OPU Pilsen is located at street Sady Pětatřicátníků 33, Plzeň, close to the cultural house “Peklo”. We are helping foreigners, refugees and their family members, regardless of their residency status. OPU is trying to support every foreigner and is specialized in providing counseling for non EU citizens.



Professional social counseling and field programs were funded from the budget of the Pilsen Region and the statutory City of Pilsen, the Social Services Department of Municipality of the City of Pilsen.

For the implementation of the project Legal counseling for the foreigners concerning the breaches of their employee’s rights II., the finances from the budget of the MD Pilsen 3 were provided.

For the implementation of the project Czech language courses for foreigners fleeing from the war in Ukraine, the finances from the budget of the MD Pilsen 3 were provided.

Our servises:

Social counseling

Legal advice


Courses of the Czech language

Seminars, lections

All our services are free of charge


Opening hours:

Monday– Thursday 8:00 – 12:00 , 12:30 – 16:00

Friday – by appointment only!

Emergency hotline for refugees from Ukraine: +420 228 229 942


604 809 165, 730 875 627 (professional social counseling in a a terrain)



Bc. Tereza Štěpánková (tereza.stepankova(z)opu.cz) – head of the branch, social worker

Tereza Řípová (tereza.ripova(z)opu.cz), social worker

Mgr. Kateřina Němečková (katerina.nemeckova(z)opu.cz, tel.: +420 734 543 194) – lawyer

Mgr. Michal Pitař (michal.pitar(z)opu.cz) – lawyer

Olga Němečková (olga.nemeckova(v)opu.cz) – field worker assistant, social worker


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