Join us in creating a safe environment!

Here in OPU, we believe in creating an inclusive and safe space for everyone. We value your feedback, and we are committed to continuously improving our services. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to provide us with your valuable insights.
Do you have ideas, suggestions or concerns about our organization or services? Let us know and feel free to submit the form below. We want to hear from you!
Please remember that your feedback will be handled with the utmost regard for safety, confidentiality, and transparency. You will not lose any services by reporting the OPU misconduct.

Safety and respect for all

Services of OPU are free and no money, items, or favors are required to access them. We prioritize maintaining professional boundaries and will never ask you for personal or intimate relationships.
Our staff will treat you with respect and dignity. Verbal abuse, humiliation, belittlement, yelling, inappropriate touching, or making you feel uncomfortable are strictly prohibited at OPU. We stress our zero tolerance for any form of sexual exploitation or abuse.
Please note that if you have experienced or observed mistreatment by OPU staff, we encourage you to report it immediately. Your safety and privacy are of the utmost importance to us.

Feedback form

In case you wish to submit the feedback anonymously, we recommend that you create a new anonymous e-mail address from which you can communicate. This allows for follow-up or clarification if needed, also you may communicate with the contact persons and/or the investigator in order to ensure a proper investigation of the alleged misconduct.

When reporting misconduct, please provide as much detail as possible or be available for follow-up, as reports that do not provide enough detail for the investigator to follow up may be closed.

    How we handle the received feedback

    We prioritize the effective handling of feedback. We have established a systematic approach to ensure the utmost regard for safety, confidentiality, and transparency.
    Our designated contact person registers and acknowledges all received feedback. The contact person, without unnecessary delay, evaluates and assesses whether the reported issue potentially involves sexual exploitation and abuse. If the reported issue does not pertain to sexual exploitation and abuse, it is treated as regular feedback and processed according to internal procedures and forwarded to responsible person.
    In the event the contact person determines a potential incident of sexual exploitation and abuse, they immediately inform the person who submitted the feedback (if contact information is provided) and the case is forwarded for further investigation to a designated investigator. The investigator evaluates the forwarded report and determines if the described incident could meet criteria of sexual exploitation and abuse. If not, the investigator refers the case back to the contact person who is treating the reported issue as regular feedback. If the investigator believes that the reported incident may constitute sexual exploitation and abuse, they commence the investigation procedure.

    The contact persons (who are employees of OPU) are:

    Adam Stašek
    OPU Brno, Josefská 8, 602 00 Brno
    +420 731 928 388

    Zuzana Pavelková
    OPU Prague, Poděbradská 5, 190 00 Prague 9
    +420 730 158 781