Day Care Centre for seniors in Georgia

The Organization for Aid to Refugees have operated from 2006. Currently it is mainly a project The seniors in Day Care Centre in Georgian town Khashuri. The Centre is visited regularly by thirty seniors that spend their free time here, join the activating programmes, use the social and legal advisory or the hairdresser, pedicure and laundry services.Since the last year there is laos the Centre for Personal Hygiene that provides the services for citizens with limited mobility.

The seniors in Day Care Centre in Khashuri can use the services such as Compensation and Rehabilitation Device Rental Service, legal and social advisory, activation program, laundry, sewing shop, pedicure, hairdresser as well as the Centre for Personal Hygiene. All the services are financed by the Czech development Agency with the finances from the Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic.

Part of the Centre is also Compensation and Rehabilitation Device Rental Service, offering wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes etc. to seniors, disabled people and people after injury. All the provided services have been charged since last year. The coordinator of the project Hana Natidzeová coments it: „Because this year the financial support from the Czech development Agency will be stopped, we agreed on charging all services. We were afraid that the clients loose interest, but they did not. In Georgia we work under local non-profit organization to meet the law and be allowed to gain money from the clients. We asked the local businessmen for support and we also count on the financial participation of local authorities.“

The key role in financing is held by the project of small business:  Providing the accomodation fort tourists from July (in hostels) in separated rooms right in the Centre house. Martin Rozumek, director of the organization, adds: „The key part of the successful working of the project is the quality advertising and propagation. Since last year the Centre websites have been in Georgian, the propagation is also helped by the annual Open day, where journalists and public meet. We also plan to make a good advertisement by opening the Gvirilas Sakhli hostel (Chamomile house) and we wish tourists from Europe find it interesting and unusual.“

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Contact: The Organization for Aid to Refugees, o.s., Leitnerova 9, Brno
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