Legal counselling

consultations, applications file, alternatively representing clients in issues related to the Asylum Act, Alien Act, Citizenship Act, Family Act etc.

The following topics may be subject of consultations:

  • international protection granting procedures
  • residence in the territory of Czech Republic (visas, long-term residence)
  • extradition order
  • detention due to extradition
  • citizenship

Notice! We offer legal counselling every TUESDAY AND THURDAY 9 AM – 5PM.
For legal consultation in Prague office it is necessary to MAKE APPOINTMENT in person or through telephone: +420 730 158 781 or alternatively pravni@opu.cz. Thank you for understanding!

The counselling is provided within the scope of Asylum and Alien Acts. We are able to answer general questions from other legal branches but clients are usually concerned about legal or labour issues, family, penal and insolvency law. We help resolve cases dealing with international protection procedure, residence, residence prolongation, and problems of administrative extradition or family reunification.

General information and legal counselling is provided within a single consultation, however, cases of special importance are treated on a long-term basis. We assist clients with filling applications, appeals and legal actions. We also help facilitate communication with courts, administrative bodies and the foreign police. Some consultations are held over telephone or e-mail. Interpreters from different languages are available if needed. We may require full consent on representing clients when dealing with the most serious cases.
In justified cases, lawyers represent clients upon their full consent regarding administrative and legal procedures. Filing applications depend on each case being considered by lawyers of OPU. OPU lawyers don’t work in all our branches but it is possible to facilitate contacts.

As for our clients, they are mostly foreigners from Prague but some foreigners commute to see us from other towns, too. During each counselling session, consultation is provided to approximately 10 clients, often families. The highest number of clients come from Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries, Nigeria, Ghana, Mongolia and Vietnam. EU citizens contact us rather seldom.

The service is very popular among clients who often contact us upon their compatriots’ recommendations. We intend to provide legal consultation to all foreigners who contact us regarding their issues.
In order to ASSIST foreigners and refugees in need free-of-charge, SMALL SPONSOR CONTRIBUTIONS are welcomed (e.g. 200 CZK).

We are happy to issue a donation contract so that your contribution is not subject to taxation.

Martin Rozumek, director, OPU