Support to refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic

To be still able to help more people fleeing from Ukraine, especially to strengthen our work teams in different Czech and Moravian regions, we need your help.

Please financially support our work: bank account no. 6026562017/2700 (notice: UKRAINE) , for EURO payments – IBAN CZ98 2700 0000 0021 0966 9073 (notice: UKRAINE) or use the darujme platform. Thank you!

OPU has been fully involved in assistance to refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic since the conflict started on 24 February 2022. OPU opened a shelter for 250 Ukrainian refugees in Prague 2. We keep assisting to dozens of larger groups of accommodated refugees all over the country. We opened up 2 big adaptation centers in Prague and Brno, where kids learn Czech and engage in free time activities. We also keep connecting high numbers of newly arriving refugees with property owners all over the country. We coordinate volunteers helping at many places.