OPU project Support for the care of unaccompanied minors – foreigners

Reg. No. 21/2022 IC UKR

The project is financed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic from the program Integration Services for Special Visa and Temporary Protection 2022

Since September 2022, the Organization for Aid to Refugees has been implementing a project to support host care, focused on the search for, training and continuous support of those interested in host care for unaccompanied minors in the Czech Republic.


An unaccompanied minor (abbreviated as UAM) is a term referring to a person under the age of 18 who arrives in the EU unaccompanied by an adult who would be responsible for him/her. In recent years, around 30 to 60 unaccompanied minors come to the Czech Republic every year. The number is of course higher this year and minors are mostly from Ukraine, then Afghanistan lower numbers of children come from Vietnam or Iraq, other countries such as Pakistan, Syria, Morocco are more individuals. Due to the numerous dangers and risks that minors face along the way, these are mostly boys, girls also come to a lesser extent. For the same reasons, most children are over 15 years old.

Due to the fact that most unaccompanied minors (but not all of them) come from a functional family that has remained at home, their social ties have been broken but not completely, and they are often in occasional contact with their families by telephone. What these children lack is orientation in Czech society and psychological support.

OPU meets all unaccompanied minors in institutional care, describes their life in the Czech Republic and their options in terms of their stay, study, housing, work and other aspects that interest them and are important to them. However, we know that practical experience and at least occasional encounters with the family and the creation of a mutual emotional bond are essential for these lonely children.

In 2022, 184 foreign children without parents (data current as of 8/20/2022) came to the Czech Republic. As part of the implemented project, OPU offers these children the opportunity to spend time in the family, to participate in the daily life of an ordinary household and to better manage complex beginnings in a new country. But we can’t do it without you.


Offer your help and support to young foreigners and show them a life in ordinary families in the Czech Republic and help them find their way in our society.

You will not be alone in this! Throughout the process, OPU will professionally train you and then offer continuous professional support throughout the involvement in the project.

Who can get involved?

Family, individual or partner couple, Czech or mixed, with place of residence in Prague.

What does host care entail?

Regular meetings with a minor foreigner during leisure activities and then at your home, getting to know each other, spending free time together, learning a language, new culture, sharing, enrichment, new friendships.

Thanks to the host care, the family will get:

  • Feeling good about being able to help others and being able to experience someone’s transformation
  • Awareness of the value of one’s own family
  • A new dimension of life
  • Your own children will learn to accept children from other backgrounds


Host care involves long-term and recurring contacts of a child living in an institutional setting with family, couples or individuals (usually on weekends, possibly with an overnight stay). The purpose is to help the child with integration into Czech society, to provide an opportunity to experience the functioning of an ordinary family and relationships in it, to develop an emotional relationship. Within the established relationship, the child’s sense of acceptance, support and awareness that he belongs somewhere and is accepted deepens. Among other things, enrichment with knowledge of another culture, customs, thinking can be beneficial for the family. For both parties, the time spent together means expanding the social and cultural background. At present, this is the only way in which foreign children can spend their time with their families in the Czech Republic and become, at least for a while, part of it.

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The Support for the care of children of foreigners project is a continuation of the previous OPU project, within which the methodology was also created, which can be downloaded here