New Statelessness Case Law Database Out now!

The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) with OPU as an active member released a new online database of statelessness case law. The database contains summaries of national and regional case law covering Europe, as well as international jurisprudence. The case summaries included in the database either directly concern the rights of stateless people. A link to the database is here and a nice introduction video here

The launch comes at the time of another OPU legal success : In a brand new decision of the Municipal Court Prague of 13.7.2021, Nr. 14A 131/2020 the court agreed with OPU and stated an unlawful action by the Public Health Insurance which did not let the applicant for a stateles status enter into the public healt insurance system. The court pointed out the necessity to grant statelessnes status applicant the same rights as to asylum seekers.