Send an appeal to the Minister Hamáček to accept unaccompanied minors from Greece

Send a postcard to the Interior Minister telling him that he cannot keep closing his eyes endlessly to the suffering of unaccompanied minor refugees in Greece. There are more than 5000 refugee children without parents or relatives in Greece, the winter si coming, many of them live in summer tents and without medical care.

200 families in the Czech Republic offered their help to the children, we do have a good reception system for foreign children, OPU has a 15 years’ experience of helping to unaccompanied minors. Furthermore, in 2015, the Czech Government stopped its successful resettlement program operated jointly by the Ministry of Interior, UNHCR, IOM and OPU.

Say your opinion and send a postcard to Mr. Hamáček. We can send you the postcard either in an e-format with an advice how to send a written version of it or we can send you the postcards in an envelope for free plus the costs of packaging. Order the postcards at our email address with your name and address.

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