Human Rights Committee issued Concluding observations on the fourth periodic report of Czechia.

The Committee is particularly concerned that senior officials in the State party
reportedly encourage the public perception of migration as a threat to public security and that
the media has been used to instil fear of migrants and asylum seekers and to strengthen
stereotypical prejudices based on ethnicity or religion.
The Committee also urgest the state party to ensure effective identification of victims of human trafficking, including screening in vulnerable situations such as asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, refugees and migrants.
The Committee also criticizes the absence of statelessness procedure in domestic law. It adds that the status of statelessness is not defined in domestic legislation, and that rights connected with this status remain uncertain, and that it is equally uncertain whether these matters will be included in the current Asylum Act amendment.
The Committee notes with concern the low success rate of asylum applications in the State party and the possible connection between these statistics and statements made by senior State officials against accepting any refugees.
(Human Rights Committee, CCPR/C/CZE/CO/4, 7th November 2019)

Commitee Report