OPU at the restart of the new EU asylum policy in Berlin

30 European organisations and cities including OPU adopted in Berlin on 25 November 2019  the Berlin Action Plan on a New European Asylum Policy. The Berlin Plan summarizes the basic requirements directed towards the European Commission and EU Member States before the Commission introduces its New European Pact on Migration and Asylum, probably in mid-February 2020. The Pact should include a new tool replacing or reforming the dysfunctional Dublin Regulation and propose new solidarity measures with refugees and countries taking the main burden with reception of refugees.
The Berlin Action Plan calls on Member States to adhere to its obligations already existing in European Law, end the impunity of the police violence and push-backs at the EU external borders, to end the inhuman treatment of refugees at Greek islands. The Berlin Action Plan proposes concrete measures on sharing the responsibility since the Dublin Regulation fails to do so, proposes the uniform status for refugees valid in all EU countries, requires the establishment of the EU rescue operation for refugees at sea as well as temporary voluntary European relocation program for refugees rescued at sea. The text of the Berlin Action Plan is enclosed.