Thank you!

We would like to thank all the benefactors who helped stateless spouses financially or with accommodation to find themselves in a crisis situation! We greatly appreciate your help with great humility and also admire the ease with which you are willing to offer this help. We would therefore like to thank you at least in this form for all your efforts and also to explain how these people’s situation is evolving.
Most of the persons registered by us in the position of applicants for the status of stateless persons according to the provisions of Section 8 (a) 1, Letter (d) of Act no. 325/1999 Coll., the Asylum Act, has friends in the Czech Republic who provide them with accommodation and food. However, not everyone can rely on permanent help from the surroundings and their stories often end tragically. Some of our clients suffer from suicidal tendencies because they have lived and live for many years without their fault in a legal vacuum, at the limit of human possibilities.
The situation of these people is very difficult while applying for status without good friends. The Ministry of the Interior recognizes only legal residence in the territory. Moreover, it refuses to grant them even the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Asylum Act (in particular participation in public health insurance, the possibility to work and accommodation in a residential center). This is despite the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling in a similar case that … “there is no need for the Ministry of the Interior to differentiate an application for stateless status from applicants for international protection and therefore not to use the procedures provided for by the Asylum Act.” In this context, the Supreme Administrative Court directly states that it would be unfair to “allow the Ministry of the Interior to choose only the provisions of the Asylum Act that apply to it, ie to use the power to assess the application and to carry out the procedure, while disregarding the rules provided for in the Asylum Act, in other words, to choose ad hoc procedural and substantive rules and thus non-transparent. ” Unfortunately, this is still the case, and stateless persons often find themselves trapped in the inaction of state authorities. These persons are thus in a vacuum where they cannot even leave the Czech Republic, even if some may wish to do so, and they must remain in a country that must provide them with a residence because they have nowhere else to return. they shall not grant them any other rights, even if they could and should have them in such a way as to successfully integrate them.
The spouses thus find themselves in a situation where they cannot work, are not insured (they do not have the means for commercial insurance), have no money, and have no place to live. Moreover, these persons cannot be supported by social services within the meaning of asylum accommodation, as these persons are not remembered by Act No. 108/2006 Coll., On social services. In addition, the accommodation of the couple complains that the couple understands Czech a little and both speak only Russian or German. Moreover, the lady is suffering from a stroke and is not physically and mentally well enough to live alone without her husband.
Now, thanks to you, spouses could stay with good people for 2 weeks and from money we have collected we paid them for 1 month a cheap hostel in the place where the food bank operates. For a month and a half, we managed to avert clients’ fall to the bottom. We believe that the Ministry of the Interior will in the near future reconsider its opinion and stance on stateless persons and let them stay in the residential center for the duration of the proceedings. However, the vision of a quick solution to their situation by the Ministry is uncertain, so we will be glad for any further support and assistance for these clients in this position.