Press Release: OPU´s success related to stateless persons

Our lawyers have been engaged for a long time with fighting against Ministry´s inaction to deal with the situation of stateless persons. The Supreme Administrative Court (in its decision no. 4 Azs 365/2018 from 12 March 2019) stated that foreigners that initiate statelessness determination procedure according to the Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, are entitled to receive an identification card, as it is the case for asylum seekers. Some of our clients have initiated this procedure more than 2 years ago and since then they have been living in a legal limbo and living on the edge of society because of the fact that they cannot prove their identity, legalize their stay nor leave the country. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been refusing to grant them any certificate or identification card because of an incomplete legislation in this area. This verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court could in practice change daily lives of many of our clients.

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