Support for migrants in integration in labor market and society


The project named “Support for migrants in integration in labor market and society” is supported by the European Union and Operational programme Employment (Project number: CZ.03.2.60/0.0/0.0/16_064/0006348). This is a three-year project, beginning from 1. 1. 2018 through 31.12.2020. In the case of interest, the target group can either go directly to the relevant branch or contact through e-mail or phone the listed job coach appropriate for their specific countries.

Target group:

– Foreigners with permanent residency, foreigners with long-term residency, foreigners as family members of EU citizens, asylum seekers, and persons with subsidiary protection.

– Condition:

Must be a resident in the territory of one of the following regions: Královehradecký kraj, Plzeňský kraj, Jihomoravský kraj, Moravskoslezský kraj


In the framework of the project the following activities are offered for FREE:

1) The courses of the Czech language; 

2) Legal counseling

3) Psychological support (Psychological support is for clients who are participating in Czech language courses or legal counseling)



Specialist for Plzeňský kraj (operating in Plzeň):

Tereza Štěpánková

e-mail:, tel.: 604 809 165

Specialist for Královehradecký kraj (operating in Praha) :

Kristýna Kvapilová

e-mail.:, tel.: 733 121 186

Specialist for Jihomoravský kraj (operating in Brno):

Eva Kaličinská

e-mail:, tel.: 731 928 388, 731 448 938

Specialist for Moravskoslezský kraj (operating in Ostravě):

Adéla Francírková

e-mail:, tel: 604 221 035, 731 502 661


koordinátorka projektu:

Mgr. et Mgr. Iveta Rožníčková

e-mail:, tel: +420 731 448 938, +420 731 928 388


Consultation hours you can find in regional offices.


 Informační letáky k projektu:

CZ Leaflet – Královehradecký region

UKR Leaflet – Královehradecký region

RUS Leaflet – Královehradecký region

ENG Leaflet – Královehradecký region

CZ Leaflet – Plzeňský region

UKR Leaflet – Plzeňský region

RUS Leaflet – Plzeňský region

ENG Leaflet – Plzeňský region

CZ Leaflet – Moravskoslezský region

UKR Leaflet – Moravskoslezský region

RUS Leaflet – Moravskoslezský region

ENG Leaflet – Moravskoslezský region

CZ Leaflet – Jihomoravský region

UKR Leaflet – Jihomoravský region

RUS Leaflet – Jihomoravský region

ENG Leaflet – Jihomoravský region