The campaign I am like you („Jsem jako ty“) should support the tolerance towards minorities in the Czech Republic

Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) launches a campaign supporting the tolerance of foreigners living in the Czech Republic. The project I am like you (Jsem jako ty) is primarily aimed at students and young people.

I am like you (Jsem jako ty) is a Facebook platform that provides information about similar projects, websites and events. In addition we share there our own authentic stories of foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

“I look maybe otherwise. But inside I’m the same. Same as you. I have fun, I’m crying, I’m growing, I think, I see, I live simply. I am like you,” is the motto of the Facebook community. The project runs parallel at Instagram where are the photos to each mini-story. The campaign has been officially kicked off by the story of a cosmetic consultant Majka originally from Vietnam who lives in the Czech Republic for already for 22 years.

“We think it is necessary to build up a tolerance to foreigners already in heads of young people and educate them to the fact that the composition of people in the world is diverse. In addition, we never know when one of us can become a minority in a foreign country. Especially nowadays it is essential to keep our eyes and hearts open,” says Eva Vychodilová who cooperates with OPU on the campaign.

In the future, the project counts with discussions at schools or  with photographic exhibitions. We also want to participate and collaborate on similar events and projects. The campaign uses hashtag #jsemjakoty.

Contact person: Eva Vychodilová, e-mail: