Project period:   1. 12. 2016– 31.8.2019

In early December 2016, Organisation for Aid to Refugees, o.s. (OPU) along with the organisation MOST o.p.s. (MOST), have launched a project titled Comprehensive counselling for asylum seekers. Project Comprehensive counselling for asylum seekers, registration no. AMIF/6/01, is financed in the framework of national program of Asylum, migration and integration fund (AMIF) and the budget of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.

About the project:

The main goal of the project is to secure legal and social support to the primary target group, asylum seekers and third country nationals tolerated on the territory of the Czech Republic according to Asylum code, situated outside of the detention facilities for foreigners, in areas connected with the international protection award procedure and the legal position of asylum seekers on the territory of the Czech Republic. The project attempts to improve the awareness of the target group about rights and duties and to improve their life situation.

The realization of the project contributes to achieving a specific goal, to strengthen and to develop all aspects of common European asylum system laid down in Article 3. 2 point. A) in conjunction with Art. 5 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) no. 516/2014 ( “the Regulation”). The project also contributes to helping achieve the general goal of the regulation, which is effective management of the migration flow and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common asylum policy, then policies related to the additional and temporary protection and the common migration policy while fully respecting rights and principles of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. That is achieved through a qualified counselling, provided by professionals in a given field. The target group is given help not only in the reception and accomodation centers (in Kostelec nad Orlici, Havirov, Zastávka u Brna, Vaclav Havel Airport), but also in Prague, Brno, Pilsen and Pardubice. Since 1. 5. 2017 we provide counselling in the frame of the project also in Ostrava.


Legal counselling

  • General legal counselling connected with the international protection award procedure
  • Provision of legal counselling and representation in the international protection award procedure in 1st instance, in the appellate procedure and in the cassation complaint procedure
  • Legal counselling on the procedure of administrative expulsion or obligation to leave the country
  • Legal counselling on the detention procedure or when awarded a special measure under the Asylum Code
  • The preparation of appeals, complaints and other legal action

Social counselling and assistance:

  • Basic information connected with the stay and life conditions in the facility or outside of it
  • Counselling on questions dealing with various areas of life (education, accommodation, register office events, healthcare, employment, return procedure, studies, etc.)
  • Communication and engagement with responsible authorities, courts, etc.
  • Consultation and possible solutions of other related problems

Psychological assistance

Securing translation services for individuals with a language barrier

Basic and additional material aid



  • asylum seekers in case they applied for an award of international protection in the Czech Republic and who are not placed in the facility for detention of foreigners
  • Third country nationals who are tolerated on the territory of the Czech Republic based on the Asylum Code and located outside of facility for detention of foreigners
  • also to specifically vulnerable groups of foreigners – victims of torture, SGBV or human trafficking, single-parent mothers with children, unaccompanied children and severely ill persons



After prior booking in OPU Prague Office: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00-16:00

After prior booking in OPU Brno Office: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-16:00

After prior booking in OPU Plzeň Office: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-16:00

After prior booking in OPU Ostrava Office: Wednesday 9:00-15:00

After prior booking in MOST Pardubice Office: Tuesday 9:00-12:00 and Wednesday 13:00-16:00; in different time periods based on an agreement

Reception centre Zastávka u Brna: every Monday and Wednesday

Reception centre Letiště V. Havla: every Thursday

Accomodation centre Kostelec nad Orlicí: every Thursday

Accomodation centre Havířov: every Tuesday


All the services including the translation services are offered free of charge.




Kovářská 939/4 Josefská 8 Sady Pětatřicátníků 48/33 Českobratrská 2227/7
190 00 Praha 9 602 00 Brno 301 00 Plzeň 702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava
Tel.: +420 730 158 781 Tel: +420 543 210 443 Tel: +420 604 809 165 Tel.: +420 604 221 035
Tel.: +420 730 158 779 +420 731 928 388
MOST Pardubice
17. Listopadu 216
530 02 Pardubice
Tel.: +420 773 223 453