Support for foreigners in search of employment


Organization for Aid to Refugees informs about the obtaining of the grant from EU funds on Support for foreigners in search of employment.

The project named “Support for foreigners in search of employment” is supported by the European Union, Operational programme Employment. The project is a two-year, with the beginning from 1.9.2016 and the end of the day 31.8.2018. The target group can in the case of interest either directly go to the relevant branch or through e-mail or phone contact listed job coach appropriate for the individual counties.


Středočeský kraj branch

Job-coach: Mgr. Kseniya Hryharash

Address: Kovářská 4, 190 00 Praha 9

Opening hours for clients:

MO-WED 9,00 – 15,30

FRI 9,00-15,30


Plzeňský kraj branch

Job-coach: Tereza Burešová

address: Sady Pětatřicátníků 48/33, 301 00 Plzeň

Opening hours for clients:

MO 8,00 – 16,00

TUE 8,00-16,00

WED 8,00 – 16,00


Jihomoravský kraj branch

job-coach: Mgr. Eva Kaličinská

address: Leitnerova 9, 602 00 Brno

Opening hours for clients:

MO    8,00 – 11, 00

TUE   8,00 – 11,00

WED  8,00 – 11,00

THU 8,00 – 16,00


Moravskoslezský kraj branch

job-coach: Adéla Francírková

address: Českobratrská 7/2227, Ostrava

Opening hours for clients:

MO 7,00 – 15,00

TUE 7,00 – 15,00

WED 13,00 – 17,00


Target group:

– foreigners with permanent residency, foreigners with long-term residents, foreigners as family members of EU citizens, asylum seekers, persons with subsidiary protection.

– conditions:

  1. a) must be resident in the territory of one of the following counties: Středočeský kraj, Plzeňský kraj, Jihomoravský kraj, Moravskoslezský kraj
  2. b) another condition is the belonging to some of these listed groups: persons unemployed longer than 5 months, persons caring for small children under 15 years of age, persons with low levels of qualification (elementary school or high school without graduation or certificate of apprenticeship)


In the framework of the project are offered the following activities for FREE:

1) Orientation to the labour market, including job offers and search

2) group meetings of target group and the possibility to use the services of a psychologist

3) educational activities – a) the course of the Czech language; b) retraining; c) qualifying courses

4) payroll contributions for employers

As support measures we offer:

  1. a) the possibility of baby sitter at the time of the activities
  2. b) support in validation and the option to pay for the translations and the reimbursement of charges
  3. c) the possibility of reimbursement of travelling costs for project activities
  4. d) reimbursement of fees associated with starting the job



Job coach for Plzeňský kraj (operating in the Plzeň):

Tereza Burešová

e-mail:, tel.: 604 809 165

Job coach for Středočeský kraj (operating in the Praha) :

Mgr. Kseniya Hryharash

e-mail.:, tel.: 730 158 779, 730 158 781

Job coach for Jihomoravský kraj (operating in the Brno):

Mgr. Eva Kaličinská

e-mail:, tel.: 731 928 388, 543 210 443

Job coach for Moravskoslezský kraj (operating in the Ostrava):

Adéla Francírková

e-mail:,tel: 604 221 035


project coordinator:

Mgr. et Mgr. Iveta Rožníčková

e-mail:, tel: +420 731 448 938, +420 731 928 388