The Council of Europe criticizes the Czech Republic for discrimination of Roma people and rise in xenophobia

The Council of Europe  in the latest report about the situation in the Czech Republic criticizes the persistent discrimination of Roma and their segregation in education and observes the growing of xenophobia in the Czech Republic.

Committee of the Council of Europe also notices that despite the government policy of promotion of tolerance between the nationalities in the society in the Czech Republic the rise in xenophobia and intolerance is still known. In some parts of the society there still persists anti Roma and anti-immigrant debates. The Committee is particularly concerned that in the past this kind of speech was limited to the extremist right-wing parties but it got now into the vocabulary of the mainstream  political parties. One of the recommendations of how to solve these problems is effective monitoring of intolerance speeches, racism, xenophobia and hate speeches and their investigation and use of appropriate sanctions for the perpetrators.