Soccer Day

The fifth annual Soccer Day took place on Sunday 8th May 2016. The event was held under the auspices of the University of Economics, Prague as part of the Buddy System Project. The Soccer Day provided international students of the University of Economics with an opportunity to spend time actively in the company of young fellows coming from all around the world. Traditionally as each year, the children and youngsters from the Facility for Children of Foreigners, who have been growing up without parents, were also invited.
Sport is a universal language that brings people together, no matter of their origin, nationality or religious beliefs which was also reflected in the Soccer Day’s motto “breaking down the barriers, bringing the world together”.
In addition to soccer, it was possible to try out volleyball, petanque, table tennis, trampoline, archery, frisbee, chill out zone, African goodies from our clients, beer, soft drinks and much more.
This year, the Organisation for Aid to Refugees was represented by the team of South American players named Kopu za OPU which did not make it to the top three. However, The team of youngsters from the Facility for Children of Foreigners placed third, for which they deserve congratulations.
Collected donations from the event and the financial contribution from the rector of the University of Economics, respectively, were provided to the Facility of Children of Foreigners.