Kids On The Road

From April 2015 OPU realized a project aimed at young migrants who were without parents in the Czech Republic. Project was supported by the Fund for NGOs

Implementation period: 1st April 2015 – 31th March 2016

Project coordinator: Mgr. Petra Khollová

From the beginning of April 2015, OPU implemented a project called “ Kids On The Road“ which was funded by the Fund for NGOs.

The target group of the project were unaccompanied minors who are particularly vulnerable group of refugee and foreign children who arrived to the CR without parents or other legal representatives. The goal of the project was to open a debate about foster care for unaccompanied minors in the Czech Republic. The current practice is to place these children solely into special institution for children-foreigners, not to foster families. The project aimed to change the practice of institutionalization of and initiate a new practice of placing unaccompanied minors into foster families. The unaccompanied minors also received our assistance with integration into Czech society. We provided free-of-charge social and legal counselling to unaccompanied minors and realized workshops preparing UAMs for an individual life after they’ve reached 18 yeras of age.

The partner of the project was Norwegian organization BYMIF that has wide-spread experience with foster care of  unaccompanied children within migrant communities in Oslo.

Contact person:

Mgr. Petra Khollová, e-mail:, tel.: 730 158 781730 158 781

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA