For strengthening the rights of migrants at work

From September 2014, OPU implemented a project supported by the Fund for NGOs

Implementation period: 1st September 2014 – 29th February 2016

Project coordinator: Mgr. Eva Drhlíková

From the beginning of September 2014, OPU implemented a project called “For strengthening the rights of migrants at work” which was funded by the Fund for NGOs.

The purpose of the project was to strengthen the protection of migrants’ rights in the area of employment/labour, including protection in relationships labelled as illegal employment or exploitation. The activities within the project included mainly: helping to specific persons of disadvantageous group by free legal aid, strengthening the protection of rights of migrants as a whole by the fact that the legal aid focused on strategic litigation (deliberated management of the cases attempting to change the system). The project was focused on publishing and spreading information on identified problematic areas/cases and sharing identified problems with relevant entities – labour offices, labour inspectorates, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs etc.

The target group of the project consisted mainly of migrants coming to the Czech Republic to work from EU countries as well as from outside EU. The target group was not limited by the type of residence or citizenship; on the contrary it included also persons without a valid residence permit. The main defining feature of the target group was violation (or threat of violation) of rights while performing the job. Particular attention was paid to the victims of exploitation and human trafficking as well as victims of discrimination.

Free legal counselling was be provided in OPU offices in Prague, Pilsen and Brno and in selected cases in other places in the Czech Republic.

Contact person:

Mgr. Eva Drhlíková, e- mail:, tel.:730 158 781